The Brown Brontosaurus Brush Mower is a complete brush control and land clearing system that performs year round land clearing, even in the most difficult terrain. Running with as little as 18 GPM auxiliary hydraulics allows our mower attachments to be placed on just about any excavator, gradall, feller buncher, high-flow skid steer or custom machine.

Brush and Forestry Clearing

Available in Fixed Tooth or Flail Tooth design, our mowers have become the standard brush and forestry mower attachments for Railroads, State and County D.O.T.'s, and Independant Contractors everywhere across the USA. You can find our mowers all across North America from Alaska and Hawaii to the tips of Florida and Maine. You can even find our brush mowers being used in Europe and Australia.

Because of our unique design, with the appropriate hydraulics up to 15" diameter trees can be mulched and cleared while retaining the ability to still clear the small low-lying brush.

The Brown Brontosaurus Brush Mowers and Mulchers have been thoroughly tested, and these attachments have proven themselves time and time again. John C. Brown & Sons is not only the manufacturer of our land clearing equipment, but we also use them in multiple states and maintain 20,000+ acres a year.


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